Swiss watchmaker Swatch will launch a new smartwatch in the next 2 to 3 months, according to different reports That would position the launch right alongside the April release window that Tim Cook laid out for the Apple Watch’s release earlier this month. Information are little, however a few of the watch’s functions have already been made public. It will certainly consist of “interaction” applications and capabilities compatible with Windows and Android. The watch will certainly likewise can making mobile payments, though today the only recognized partners are Swiss grocery stores Migros and Cage.

As a time- and position-dependent application, Uber can maximize the watch’s notifications to keep the user upgraded on an automobile’s location and approximated time of arrival. Users will be even more likely to call an Uber on the watch than on the iPhone.

Google Maps is currently an invaluable feature of the iPhone. With really immediate guidance that does not produce visual distraction, the Watch will make life simpler for drivers, bicycle riders, hikers, and anybody else who needs to get from point A to point B. For instance, the watch might utilize haptic feedback to buzz only on its left side to indicate a left turn, or two times to inform you that your friend has actually stopped.

The kitchen has always been a place for gadgets of all kinds – and the hands-free user interface of the Watch makes it a natural addition to any chef’s repertoire. For example, voice command could help a cook with flour on his hands to set a timer.

Investors will certainly pay attention to Fossil’s ticker for indicators of health when it reports profits Tuesday. Experts expect the business to make $3.07 a share, which is up a healthy 15 % from the very same period in 2013. Fossil simply may have something to state about its smartwatch strategies. Fossil and Intel struck a deal to establish wearable tech in 2013. Fossil’s call may provide investors an idea on how big it believes the smartwatch market will be. Experts believe the rise of smartwatches could be the most significant disruption for the industry because the digital watch. Admit it You had a calculator watch.

Other household names reporting this week consist of tire gigantic Goodyear (GT) on Tuesday not to point out dining establishment Jack in the Box (JACK) and coach potato equipper, La-Z-Boy (LZB) Huge hotels like Hyatt (H), Marriott (MAR) and Hilton (HLT) report Wednesday. Department store Nordstrom (JWN) reports Thursday as does Wal-Mart (WMT) Should be a good look at the consumer. Turbotax maker Intuit (INTU) likewise reports Thursday. We’ll see if they say anything about the TurboTax headaches this season.


CUPERTINO (CBS SF) – While promoting his company’s upcoming smartwatch, Apple (AAPL) CEO Tim Cook stated one of the gadget’s functions would remind users to stay clear of prolonged stretches of sitting.

While the remaining health functions will certainly interest some– the Apple Watch will certainly track your steps, heart rate and such– it’s likely that linked phone apps customized for wrist use will certainly be in the spotlight throughout thelaunch too.

Instead, the contextual notifications offered by Google Now were a big aspect as was the standalone GENERAL PRACTITIONER performance that lets me leave my phone behind when running got me to bust out my wallet. I can track my run utilizing the watch’s GPS and stream locally stored music to Bluetooth earphones without needing to lug a phone, for instance.

Bono really must ask Tim Cook about the Apple Watch’s battery life.” I tweeted that yesterday throughout the U2 frontman’s uncomfortable vaudeville regimen with Cook onstage Tuesday at Apple’s biggest occasion in years We were clearly moments far from its end and we had not been told how long the company’s very first wearable will certainly run on a single charge. Anticipated battery life was a glaring omission in an otherwise impressive parade of specifications and functions And after disregarding it totally throughout the Apple Watch’s onstage launching, the business stalwartly declined comment on it throughout the device demonstrations that followed.

It might be rather groan-worthy to only simply have the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on store racks and already be discussing the successor model, the iPhone 7, but that’s just the nature of the rumour mill nowadays. Apple’s established a routine of launching a couple of handsets every year, and they’re always planned well in advance, so we understood it was coming and it’s not too surprising the rumours have begun already. Reality be informed, if anything they’re a little late, as we were already finding out about the iPhone 6 before the iPhone FIVE even introduced.

Apple likewise had 38mm size watches on display screen. They are quite a bit smaller than the 42mm size. Perhaps even too little. I think lots of people will certainly be happier with the larger size. However I think it truly depends upon your wrist size.

When inside, I had the ability to analyze the Apple Watch up close. Under a huge piece of glass, Apple had a big display screen with both the 42mm and 38mm sized watches, in each of the 3 collections along with their coordinating band designs.

How it will certainly work: Google Maps is currently an important feature of the iPhone. With genuinely instant guidance that doesn’t produce visual diversion, the Watch will certainly make life simpler for drivers, bikers, hikers, and any individual else who needs to obtain from point A to point B. For instance, the watch might make use of haptic feedback to buzz only on its left side to indicate a left turn, or two times to inform you that your buddy has actually stopped.

Apple WatchIt’s official…the Apple Watch is coming sometime in April!  During the Apple earnings call in January, Apple CEO, Tim Cook confirmed that the Apple Watch would be hitting the sales floor in April of 2015.  The Apple Watch is one of the companies latest ventures outside of it’s successful smartphone and tablet venues.

The Apple Watch is the company’s first attempt at entering the wearable device market.  While smartwatches are nothing new and have had some success with both the Pebble SmartWatch, as well as various flavors of Android Wear including the Samsung Gear, and Motorola Moto360.  For Apple the competition is going to be a bit tough.  Apple is no where near being close to having the first to market edge in this billion dollar area.  Apple does know though that it has a huge fan base and also knows they can get away with charging a premium for its new device, commonly referred to as the Apple tax.

The entry level Apple Watch is planned to retail for just under $350.00.  Rumors are still flying about how much the Edition model of the Apple Watch will sell for.  Most people think it will retail for well over a thousand dollars, some people willing to bet a few thousand dollars.  Apple is doing its best to position itself as selling both a fashionable piece of jewelery, as well as a device that will help improve your life.

The Apple Store is being revamped a bit in preparation for the release of the Apple Watch.  Apple has reached out and hired people familiar with selling luxury items.  Apple knows the best way to move this new product is to get it on peoples wrists and let them experience the benefits and style of the Apple Watch.  Hiring people who know how to move more expensive items such as jewelery is a good move for Apple in preparation for the April launch of the Apple Watch.

Now I am sure a lot of people are going to want to grab one of these new Apple Watch devices when they launch; however the price might be a bit of a factor.  Since price isn’t going to be supplemented like an iPhone when you sign a new contract with your wireless carrier, it may be tough to justify spending a minimum of at least $350.00.  Fear not my friends, I came across a great Apple Watch giveaway.  If you want to win a free Apple Watch be sure to check it out today!  All you need to do is signup, then promote your contest link on sites you already use like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.  They have a great tutorial video on how to earn a bunch of points and easily qualify for one of three prizes.  They are giving away a free Apple Watch, Pebble SmartWatch, and iTunes Gift Cards.  I told a couple of my friends about this and they are already well on their way to qualifying for the Apple Watch.

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