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After Tuesday’s introduction of 2 brand-new iPhones and a heavily awaited smartwatch, Apple provided press and unique visitors (consisting of models, fashion blog writers and Gwen Stefani) some supervised hands-on time with the devices. Here are our first impressions of the Apple Watch.

How it will certainly work: The kitchen area has actually always been a location for gizmos of all kinds – and the hands-free user interface of the Watch makes it a natural addition to any chef’s repertoire. For instance, voice command could assist a cook with flour on his hands to set a timer.

The Taptic Engine: Smartphones offer basic vibrating feedback. Apple’s Taptic Engine can deliver a range of haptic feedback straight on the skin. It can imitate human touch, provide personalized taps for various alerts, or buzz on specific areas to supply turn-by-turn guidance. Why it matters: The Taptic Engine will certainly provide more contextual, adjustable, and discernible alerts that would replace those on the iPhone.

Voice command: Voice recognition holds major capacity for the watch. Not just because Siri will certainly be native, however likewise since it’s faster and easier to raise your wrist and provide a voice command than to get your phone, unlock it, and then speak. Why it matters: Voice will make simple tasks even more convenient.

The digital crown: This little wheel will certainly be central to the watch’s interface. It can amplify, scroll, or zoom within apps, because pinching will be difficult on a little display. Why it matters: It will allow navigation and communications that otherwise might only occur on the phone.

The fiercely expected Apple Watch is expected to go on sale this year. Whether it successfully creates a mass market for wearable gadgets, as the iPhone did for smartphones, remains to be seen. However one thing is certain: Companies will certainly rush to capitalize on it.